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Hi Duct Cleaning Depot,
There are so many duct cleaning companies out there, how do I choose one versus the other? What makes you different than the rest? 
Thanks, Nicole. 


By Duct Cleaning Depot
Hi Nicole,
Thanks for your questions. The difference with Duct Cleaning Depot as opposed to other companies is the fact that we actually do Duct Cleaning. Meaning we clean the ENTIRE system not just the ducts. We brush the vents to agitate all the dirt, we vacuum each vent, we open up every return exit in your house to clean all debris and dirt in the return part of the system and inspect. We take before and after pictures to ensure maximum cleanliness. Then we turn on our air compressor with 250 PSI per minute to blow out all remaining dirt once agitation is down. 
At Duct Clenaign Depot we are your First Choice for Clean Air. Call to book us at 416-455-1588