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I am looking for the best Duct cleaning company in Thornhill. I have called a few companies that I found online and the estimates I got seem to vary so much. Can you please tell me what makes Duct Cleaning Depot different from the other companies? 
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By Duct Cleaning Depot
Hi there,
Thank you for reaching out to the Duct Cleaning Depot team with your question.
What makes us different is our team's integrity, ability and work honesty to thoroughly clean your home's ducts. Using our cameras we take before and after pictures of your ducts to show you first hand just how cleaner we got your ducts to be. We use our specialized equipemtn and even some tools that we designed ourselves to maximize our cleanign perfromance. After we finshing vblowing out your ducts we use our agitator toolsto remove all of the particles and debris which a blower alone can't do. As far as our pricing goes general duct cleaning starts at $300 covering up to 15 vents and free disinfectant. Additional vents will cost only an additional $5.00 per vent. 
For more ino please call our receptionist to answer any questions and book ouir team. Our number is 416 455 1588