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Hi Duct Cleaning Depot,
We recently closed on our new house in Woodbridge and before we even move in we would like to have our ducts cleaned. Our house is roughly 2,500 square feet. how do you charge? 


By Duct Cleaning Depot
Hi Samantha from Woodbridge,
Congratulations on your new home! Thank you for inquiring about our duct cleaning services.
Here is how our pricing works:
We have a standard fee of $299.95 + HST which includes up to 15 vents as well as any and all of your air return vents. If you have more than 15 vents then there is an additional cost of just $5.00 + HST per vent.
Our Duct Cleaning service includes us using our high pressure specialized agitating tools in each of the vents to break loose and disturb all of the sediment and dust.Then we proceed with vacuuming out each vent individually followed by using our high pressure blowers to blow all the remaining dust down to the lowest point on your house where we can remove it completely. We will also provide before and after pictures of your vents so you can see first hand the difference.
To book our crew please call 416.455.1588 / 1.800.474.2159