Duct Cleaning Brampton

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Duct Cleaning Brampton
Since 2013 Duct Cleaning Depot has been servicing the GTA. We are proud, honest and hard workers and treat every job as if it was our own home. We don;t just clean your ducts but we open and inspect your Furnace, the Blower Motor, the A/C Coil, The air return vents and every nook and cranny we can find. While we are cleaning we seal every vent and return to ensure no new dirt will be blown into your home. Our High pressured vacuum creates a negative pressure in the system to ensure every particle comes out. You would not believe the amount of dirt we find in people's ducts. Just take a look at this picture above. The home owners had no idea that there was actually an old pair of scissors that the original home builders had left inside their duct system sitting directly on top of their blower motor!! Luckily the scissors did not break their fan system!! 
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6 years ago
wow crazy story!! I wonder what you will find in my ducts!! Looking forward to having you come clean our ducts next week.
Thanks Duct Clenaing Depot.