Duct Cleaning Georgetown

Duct Cleaning Georgetown
Last week we were working on a customer's house in Georgetown to do their duct cleaning. They had purchased the home about 5 years ago and had never had their ducts cleaned. The owners were not sure if they actually needed to have their ducts cleaned, as they have no kids or pets. So, the first thing we did was to scope their ducts with a camera to show them what was inside. As you can see from the picture above they were astonished to see just how much garbage was lying in their ducts from dry wall pieces, to rust nails which the original builders had left as well as mountains of dust, hair and mouse droppings. They were so happy to have called us and can now sleep well knowing that they are breathing clean air.
This is why we started our business. Our honest approach will help you understand whether or not you indeed need to have your ducts cleaned. And, If you do, we do not leave until every duct in your home is spotless.
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