Duct Cleaning Richmond Hill

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Duct Cleaning Richmond Hill
Looking for the best duct cleaning company in the Richmond Hill area.


By Duct Cleaning Depot
Hi there,
Thank you for submitting your post on our interactive Blog. My Name is Damien and I am the owner of Duct Cleaning Depot. After spending a couple of years as an employee for a top rated duct cleaning company in the GTA I was embarrassed how poor standards the company was holding for the jobs we were doing. I knew we could do better so I took it upon myself to study the trade, get my own certification and in 2013 I started Duct Cleaning Depot.
Our honest and thorough approach ensures that we don't leave your home until every duct is cleaned. In the picture above you will see the entrance into the furnace heating element system. Most duct cleaning companies do not clean this area, but we know if left uncleaned that the debris and dust will immediately go back into the system the minute you turn the blower back on. Our specialized tools and process make sure we clean not only the ducts but the blower and furnace entrance. 
Call our team today to ask any questions and book us. 416-455-1588