Duct Cleaning Thornhill

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Duct Cleaning Thornhill
For the last couple of weeks our team has been spending a lot of time working in the Thornhill area. The questions that we get most is how often do you really need to clean your ducts. On average, the national air duct cleaners association (NADCA) recommends to have your ducts cleaned every 5-7 years. However, at Duct Cleaning Depot we know that the true answer is that it does depend on many factors such as:
How big is the house? How old is it?
Type of furnace/AC and its age?
How many occupants in the house?
Do you have pets?
Have you recently done any renovations or construction? 
Types of ducting system in your house
and more.
If you are unsure if your home is in need of a duct cleaning then we can actually provide you with a free inspection.