What is Duct Cleaning?

What is Duct Cleaning?
I live in Mississauga and I've heard people mentioning about getting their Duct cleaning done and I have to sit in silence because I have no idea as to what they are on about?!!!


By Duct Cleaning Depot
Hi Miss Stephanie from Mississauga. Thank you for sharing your question in our interactive blog. It would be our pleasure to explain to you what duct cleaning is, and the importance of it.
Duct cleaning is the process of cleaning all of the various heating and cooling system components of forced air systems through your house , including the supply and return air ducts and registers, grills, heat exchangers heating and A/C coils, condensation drain pans (drip pans), and the fan motor. What often happens is, these systems collect a lot of dirt and debris that contaminates the forced air system in your duct work in your home, that may lead to mold and bacteria, which often times causes dust allergies and odour within the house alogn with poor air quality.
On avergae, your ducts should be cleaned every 5 years. We hope to have  answered your question as to, what Duct Cleaning is. If you have anymore questions on Duct Cleaning please do not hesitate to ask. 416.455.1588

Thank you, Duct Cleaning Depot